About 4LEXARTS and Alexander Harris


Alexander Harris has a broad background in both his personal and professional world travelling extensively and has been involved in the photographic industry for many years as soon as he finished his time at University in Canada.

He is well versed in many traditional and modern types of photography as well as having a vast experience with all camera types and technologies from the past 100 years or so.

Alex has run photography training courses, corporate projects and classes for the past few years through his various jobs and his time with Jessops. Jessops Academy was a key focus for his teaching and he has had exposure to the latest technology from all the major photographic manufacturers in the hardware and accessory markets, as well as vast experience in the the output, exhibition and presentation of works of exceptional quality.

Alex's background in client orientated projects and full service solutions put 4LEXARTS in the best place to provide as complete a solution to photographic needs from inception to completion or of course make up the parts of an existing project seamlessly.


Alex, I hope team Jessops Recognise how efficient and knowledgeable you are.
— Kevin Sutton- Jessops Facebook Page